Specialist for semi-finished products for the aerospace industry, Service Centres Aero has two warehouses: a warehouse of 8000 m2 in Nantes (France) and one of 2300 m2 in Fellbach (Germany) for storing a wide range of materials : 3000 T for French site and 800 T for German one.


Service Centres Aero is able to offer a wide range of sheets, plates, profiles and bars in aluminium and titanium.



     * Plates / Sheets


     * Bars, profiles, angles


     * Coils



ScaFrance-stockage-1.jpg ScaFrance-stockage-2.jpg



Service Centres Aero have adapted its stocks to meet the specific needs of each of our customer:



  •    Precise traceability rules to meet the standards of aviation
  •    Flexibility with our processing, logistics and planning to supply the right quantities at the right time and at the right place.
  •    Stock levels controlled through a detailed analysis of the consumption of items from our commercial range
  •    Flexibility enabling us to respond to specific requests (size, quantity, service, remote stock ...)
  •    Software tools designed for efficient use of real-time inventory (FIFO, part identification, safety stock, management of multi standards, optimization, management of customers).