Finishing capabilities


Service Centres Aero provides a comprehensive supply and turnkey solutions.

Our sites are equipped with technology to meet the specific needs of all its customers. 

We provide a wide range of cutting facilities for sheet, plate, bars. This service allows you to minimize the amount of material purchased by adjusting the formats delivered to your real needs:


Cutting of flat products (large formats available) : ScaFrance---D20---I07-photo-1.jpg


Straight cut - through - form


Plate: 7 saws  220 mm maximum thickness
1 saws contour moldings


Cutting of long products (bars, tubes, profiles) ScaFrance---D20---I08-photo-2.jpg


Bar : 2 saws, diameter 400 mm max


We have modern equipment and skilled workers, ensuring quality work  An internal machine maintenance service and a genuine policy of preventive maintenance ensures the optimal performance of our machine park.




2 milling machines : tolerances of + / - 0.1 mm

2 CNC, drilling, tapping, milling

1 FARO device  for dimensional inspection



A range of complementary services according to your needs additional benefits can be offered through our subcontractors.


Integrated into our quality system, outsourcing is part of a process of "Aero qualification" of our suppliers (assessment and annual audit) ensuring control flow and our processes.


ScaFrance---D20---I11-photo-5.jpg ScaFrance---D20---I12-photo-6.jpg